• Darren Manden

A new site, host, and blog!

A short while ago, I received word from my web domain company that they would be shuttering, and that they recommended that we all go off in search of other greener domain pastures. This, coupled with Adobe shutting down their web hosting company (and awesome, easy to use, noob-friendly site development tool at the same time) led to me needing somewhere new for my site to call home, and also a way of rebuilding said site.

So, there were two problems. Both of which filled me with almost equal amounts of horror.

I know precious little about designing and building a website. I know next to nothing about maintaining one. I just want something that works. Something which I can leave alone and not have explode in my absence. I want to occasionally update it, but otherwise, I want to feel comfortable that it is there, lurking in the shadows, being a good little highly-neglected site.

After a bit of calm, reasoned research (read: Manic, paranoid Googling), I found a solution, and, so far, it seems pretty great.

The site was easy to design, and build. That alone was worth the price of admission, considering that any time I have ever opened Dreamweaver I have been left wheezing on the floor. After all, I was convinced that I would be delving into that personal horror show for Site 2.0.

What I needed was a hero. One who was strong. One who was fast. One who was fresh from the fight. Thankfully one came along, and saved me from this terrible plight.

So, with the fundamental problems out of the way (Domain hosting was resolved by that same hero – what a multi-tasker!), I started looking at what else was in store for my brand spanking new site, and that was when I came across functionality that my precious Muse (RIP) never had: Blogging.


Seriously, this was something that I’d been hoping Muse would get since the first day that I started toying with it. For a variety of reasons, it’s not often that I get to throw work examples onto my site, and that leads to a simple problem: The site doesn’t get updated very often. A blog, however, means that although I might not be able to throw new work up super-often, I can update this with something which might, with the right kind of blurry eyed, 3am on a Tuesday in August vision, look like regularity.

So, that’s where we are today. I have a new site: Fully redesigned. There are new work examples. There is also a blog.

The blog will be about a variety of things: Work, experiments, general thoughts, doodles, whatever. The point is that it’s getting used. The point is that I’m adding to it, and putting things out there.

Holding breath in 3…2…1…

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